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Troutbeck Inn


Nyanga, Zimbabwe

00 263 298 880/2

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Important Information

* Your exchange is strictly not transferrable for commercial gain and should you use your exchange for such purposes, your membership will immediately be cancelled without any booking and membership fee refund.
* Resorts are required to check proof of Identity upon check in.
* Please be aware that you need to have a valid South African passport in order to travel to Botswana / Namibia / Swaziland / Zimbabwe / Mozambique.
* SA passport holders do not need a visa to enter Zimbabwe but they are free of charge. Charge for British passport holders: single entry - 40 pounds; multiple entry - 60 pounds. Charge for US passport holders: single entry - US$30; multiple entry - US$40.
* The Zimbabwean Embassy can be contacted on +27 11 838 2156/9 or fax number +27 11 8385620.
* The Troutbeck area of Nyanga is subject to daily power cuts lasting up to 3 hours at a time. Every effort will be made to provide assistance by way of gas cooking alternative (subject to gas availability), supply of wood for braai cooking (subject to availability of wood) and additional candle light. Take this into consideration by bringing additional lighting; cooking equipment, fire lighting material etc. We suggest you consider bringing pre-prepared and/or convenience meals as a 'back up' to your catering plans. Power cuts are carried by ZESA and are beyond the resorts control. There is a back-up generator on site, but this is only switched on at night & may not heat the geysers should the demand from the hotel be too high.
* There is no supermarket near the resort, please bring all your supplies with you.
** Please note: No pets are permitted at any of the RCI Affiliated Resorts **
** Please note: Sleeper couches are only suitable for small children under the age of 12 **
** Please note: Please adhere to the Smoking Regulations of the resort.**
** Please note: Families traveling from South Africa with children under the age of 18 must take the children's full unabridged birth certificates with them for exit and re-entry into South Africa.  For more information on requirements please go to www.dha.gov.za/files/Brochures/Immigrationleaflet.pdf.**

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