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Timeshare and RCI®

How timeshare works

Timeshare developers who are affiliated to RCI sell vacation ownership interests typically in either one-week intervals or as packages of points that can be used to reserve resort accommodations. Members share in the occupancy rights of a development and therefore pay an annual maintenance fee after the initial purchase.

Why own timeshare

With timeshare ownership, consumers have the opportunity to purchase condominium-style accommodations at quality resorts offering an array of amenities in popular domestic and international destinations. Millions of owners have found timeshare's spacious floor plans and home-like amenities very attractive when compared with traditional hotel destinations.

Timeshare amenities often rival those of top-rated resort properties and may include children's activities, swimming pools, tennis, Jacuzzi, golf and bicycles as well as spa and exercise facilities. Other features may include boating, skiing, restaurants and equestrian facilities on-site or nearby.

How do I own timeshare

You may purchase a unit in a timeshare resort for a specific week (fixed or floating week). A fixed week means that the unit is yours to use every year in your purchased week. A floating week means that you own a specific unit in a specific resort but you’ve bought a holiday that may not necessarily fall in on the same date every year, e.g. Easter week.

Is all timeshare RCI®

You can still be an RCI member if you own timeshare, regardless of whether the resort is affiliated, but we would need to verify some details. RCI does not own its own resorts, and RCI does not sell timeshare. Not all developments are affiliated to RCI , and if you would like to verify whether a resort or development is legitimately affiliated to RCI , please call RCI on +27 11 258 0800.

Benefits of RCI® membership

An RCI Membership allows you to deposit your week. You get points in return for your deposited week. You can then use your points to exchange into a range of RCI resorts, locally and internationally.

Your membership also gives you access to Extra Holidays (Rental), which enables you to book holiday accommodation any time you wish at preferential RCI Member-only rates, without using your timeshare benefits. RCI Membership also means access to other membership specials that RCI offers its members every month.

RCI Membership gives you access to:

    • Local Resorts
    • Member-only discounts
    • International Resorts
    • RCI.co.za available 24/7 year round
    • Bonus Holidays
    • Extra Holidays (Rental)
    • Guest Certificates
    • Call Center
    • Live Resort Search

RCI® 's good practice pledge

RCI subscribes to ethical codes of conduct and sustainable business practices in relation to its Affiliated Resorts, Clubs and of course all its valued Members.

To contact RCI , please phone +27. 11. 258. 0800 or email us at: client.relations@rci.com.

Before purchasing timeshare, ensure the company / developer you buy from is a member of VOASA (Vacation Ownership Association of South Africa - www.voasa.co.za).

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