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Transacting with RCI®

In order to transact with RCI® one would need a valid timeshare ownership and to be an RCI® member with valid membership.

Transacting with RCI® is possible either online or via our Call Centre.

For detail regarding transacting with RCI® or our products and services, please review the menu options provided below:

Via www.rci.co.za

RCI® ’s South Africa website is a safe area that uses encryption software to keep transactions secure. Transacting on rci.co.za is quick, safe and easy and you can basically do everything, from banking your timeshare to booking an international holiday. All you need to use rci.co.za is your RCI® membership number and a valid email address.

Via RCI® 's Call Centre

RCI® members benefit from the knowledge, experience and resources of RCI® ’s Guides in RCI® ’s Call Centre, who provide assistance in the planning of exchange holidays and other bookings.

Via RCI® 's Products and Services

RCI® offers a whole range of products and services, exclusive to its members. If you own timeshare, and are interested in learning more about RCI® Membership and other RCI® Products and Services, please contact us. An RCI® Membership gives you access to:
  • Local Resorts            
  • Member-only discounts
  • International Resorts
  • RCI.co.za available 24/7 year round
  • Bonus Holidays
  • Extra Holidays (Rental)
  • Guest Certificates
  • Call Center
  • Live Resort Search

Call Me About RCI®

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Alternatively, call the Call Centre on +27 (11) 258-1000 or visit our website - www.rci.co.za.

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